February 1, 2013

A letter to man about nature

A letter to man about nature
By David Weller

What kind of climate
do you want?
How can we be optimistic,
if it's been in man's hands?
Yes, God made Earth
and we praise Him for it!
God provides
if you ask him, or if you don't.
Man has shown he has the power
to abuse Earth.
Our mistake is that we forget
God controls Earth.
Who is better at nature,
God or man?
God has left that
up to us.
God or man?
Make your decision.
God provides,
do you let him?
If man provides,
he abuses Earth.
God is all-knowing,
Man is mortal and a learner.
We've seen what
unknowing man has done:
Deplete and abuse
What has God done?
Create Earth and nurture it.
Isn't it time we
let go and let God?
Never underestimate God.
Never overestimate man.
God is eternal,
Man is mortal.
God creates,
Or Man's mistakes.
You decide, because
God loves you.
Merry Earth day,
every day of the year!